At the age of 16, he reluctantly abandoned the captain's armband of the Barcelona U18 youth team, resolutely left the football temple La Masia and went to the little-watched football club experience. At the age of 21, he boldly refused the Bundesliga hegemony Bayern’s transfer fee of 10 million euros. His kind invitation, landing on the rookie team to challenge himself, these are two unconventional choices Olmo made at a fork in his life.

16岁那年,他不情愿地放弃了巴塞罗那U18青年队队长的袖标,毅然离开了足球神殿拉马西亚,去了一家鲜为人知的足球俱乐部。 21岁那年,他大胆地拒绝了德甲争霸拜仁的1000万欧元转会费。他的好心邀请,登上了新秀队来挑战自己,这是奥尔莫一生中做出的两个非常规选择。

In the eyes of most people, staying in the top youth academies and super giants will naturally get too high exposure and better development; and many young players are squeezing their heads in the hope that they can enter the powerful teams as soon as possible. The Spanish teenager did the opposite. It can be seen that Olmo, who scored a goal in his first appearance on the bench in the Bundesliga, has sufficient confidence and an unusually clear plan for his talent and future.


As we all know, La Masia has always had a tradition of cultivating top No. 5 players, from Guardiola handed by Cruyff to Harvey early in his career, and Busquets, who still occupies the main position of the Red and Blue Army. They are all top-level backyards from the same line. When Olmo was taken by Barcelona scouts from the Espanyol Junior Team to La Masia at the age of 10, he was the new generation of "position 5" that the club focused on training.

众所周知,拉玛西亚开心彩票网一向具有培养顶级5号球员的传统,从克鲁伊夫(Croyff)到瓜迪奥拉(Guardiola)到哈维(Harvey)都是职业生涯的早期,而布开心彩票网斯克茨(Busquets)仍然占据着红蓝军的主要位置。它们都是同一条线的顶级后院。当巴塞罗那侦察员奥尔莫(Olmo)在10岁的时候从西班牙青年队(Espanyol Junior Team)带到拉马西亚(La Masia)时,他就是俱乐部关注的新一代“位置5”。

However, the plan cannot keep up with the changes. With the future "Little Harvey" athletic ability, forward consciousness and dribbling footwork getting better and better, his position will also be more forward. So "Little Iniesta" gradually became a new title adapted to the changing style of this rising star. But when everyone thought that Olmo, who had skipped grades all the year round, would step up to U18 and U21 in Barcelona and eventually become a frequent visitor to the Nou Camp, he went to Dinamo Zagreb.

但是,该计划无法跟上更改。随着未来“小哈维”的运动能力,前瞻意识和盘带的步法越来越好,他的位置也将更加向前。因此,“小伊涅斯塔(Little Iniesta)”逐渐成为适应该后起之秀不断变化的风格的新标题。但是,当每个人都认为常年不升学的奥尔莫步入巴塞罗那的U18和U21并最终成为诺坎普球场的常客时,他去了萨格勒布迪开心彩票网纳摩。

But it is worth noting that although Olmo can often blast into the fairy ball, but his long-range shots are not top-notch, and sometimes put "anti-aircraft guns" on the periphery. Therefore, this "little Iniesta" also needs to hone his shooting skills or reduce his desire to shoot. On the other hand, compared to the real winger, the explosive power and absolute speed of the Red Bull new aid are lacking. Of course, Olmo, who claims to prefer the 10th position, is absolutely top-notch athletic ability among organizers of the same type. In the future, as long as he does not develop in the direction of a blaster, his physical talent can be fully qualified for any midfielder. A role.


As a new star of La Masia, Olmo also has a commendable advantage, that is, a good sense of frontcourt press. Whether he is a left forward, a midfielder or a striker, he can always actively participate in the whole In the defensive system. All in all, Olmo's extraordinary talents need not be repeated. After all, it is rare to see a teenager who can let the old club make a documentary for him when he leaves the team.

作为La Masia的新星,Olmo还具有值得称赞的优势,那就是前场新闻感很好。无论他是左前锋,中场还是前锋,他都可以始终积极地参与整个防守体系。总而言之,奥尔莫的非凡才能不必重复。毕竟,很少有少年能在离开球队后让老俱乐部为他制作纪录片。

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