Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations.


A person, a city, he is the soul of the Red Army, he is the totem of Liverpool, a symbol of loyalty.


Whenever the game scene is anxious, he will always take the lead to open the door to victory with violent long-range shots. When the team is in a trough, he will always wave his arms and shout loudly and use his steely will to inspire everyone to cheer. Whenever his teammates suffer unfair treatment, he will always stand up and fight for his teammates without fear of violence. He is an all-around fighter that all coaches want to be included under his command, and a steel captain that all players are willing to fight alongside.


There are many heroes, but the Jie team only has one.


Speaking of Gerrard’s most classic moments, many people will think of the miracle of Istanbul in the first reaction, but in fact, the 2006 FA Cup final is the most intense performance of Gerrard’s personal heroism, explaining what is a lone hero The madness has fallen, and the support of the building will fall.

说到杰拉德最经典的时刻,很多人会在第一反应中想到伊斯坦布尔的奇迹,但实际上,2006年足总杯决赛是杰拉德个人英雄主义表现最强烈的一次,这说明什么是孤独的英雄。 ,建筑物的支撑力将下降。

On May 13, 2006, the Liverpool FA Cup led by Gerrard advanced all the way to the final. They had to cross the final hurdle before the championship guarded by West Ham, coached by Paddow, at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium.

2006年5月13日,以杰拉德为首的利物浦足总杯一路晋级决赛。他们必须越过最后的障碍,在加的夫千禧体育馆由帕多(Paddow)执教的西汉姆(West Ham)守卫的冠军赛之前。

In this game, the Reds got into a dilemma at the start. Deputy Captain Carragher's own goal and Hammer Ashton's goal made Liverpool face 0-2 behind in the 28th minute.


Although two goals were behind, this seemed to trigger the passive skills of Liverpool’s "Jedi Reversal". The Reds returned to the game in the 32nd minute. Gerrard found teammate Cisse with a precise long pass near the center line. The first volley scored the goal, chasing the score in the first half to 1-2.


With the start of the second half, the game was officially taken over by the red captain.


In the 54th minute, Alonso lobbed into the penalty area, causing a mess in the penalty area. Suddenly Gerrard stepped in and rushed to a vigorous volley to equalize the part. But in the 64th minute, Koncheski's strange lob shot caused the Reds to fall behind again and kept the disadvantage to the stoppage time of the game.


In the 91st minute, the hero once again appeared on the scene, again in a familiar plot. Hypia threw the ball into the penalty area with a big foot, but this time after the two sides scrambled, the ball rolled outside the penalty area, but fell fatally to Gerrard. Next to.

在第91分钟,英雄再次出现在现场,再次出现在熟悉的情节中。 Hypia用大脚把球扔到了禁区,但是这一次在双方争夺之后,球滚到了禁区外,但致命地落在了Gerrard身上。旁边的。

The commander of the Red Army straightened out his legs and fired more than 30 meters away without any adjustment. The ball pierced Changhong straight into the dead corner at the bottom left of the goal like a cannonball from the chamber. At the last moment, Gerrard stepped forward again to help the Red Army survive the desperate situation and drag the game. Into a penalty shootout.


In the penalty shootout, Gerrard also made the third penalty kick, and under the excellent performance of goalkeeper Reina, helped the Reds win another important championship after the Istanbul Miracle.


In this game, the Jie team made three unique goals. Whether it was a solid long pass or a signature incomprehensible long-range shot, the red captain showed his style to the fullest, and this final was also called "Jeira" by the fans. "The Gerrard Final" (the Gerrard Final).

在这场比赛中,捷队取得了三个独特的进球。无论是扎实的长传还是标志性的难以理解的远射,红队长都充分展现了自己的风格,而这场决赛也被球迷称为“杰拉”。 “杰拉德决赛”(Gerrard Final)。

Gerrard was born in Whiston, a small village in Merseyside. It only takes 20 minutes to drive to Anfield Stadium from here. He is a native of Merseyside. There are both Liverpool fans and Everton fans in his family, and Gerrard himself also said that he was or might be a fan of Everton, but changed his mind after watching the FA Cup in 1986.


That game was played between the Merseyside duo. At that time Lineker opened the scoring for Everton, but the Reds fought back in the second half. Rush scored twice and Johnston completed the final blow. The Red Army reversed and won the FA Cup.


"From that moment on, I became a Liverpool fan." Maybe Gerrard was born with the same genetic modification as the Reds. Gerrard, who was only 6 years old at the time, didn't know that he would lead this football in the future. The team completed a series of incredible reversals, so much so that the fans are still teasing, Liverpool has always been the "do not fall behind, will not play" team.


The Hilzburg tragedy in 1989 deepened the bond between Gerrard and Liverpool. His cousin, Joan Paul, who was a fan of Liverpool, was unfortunately killed in this tragedy and became the 96th in this incident. The youngest of the dead was only 10 years old.


This is the eternal pain in Gerrard's heart. He said in his autobiography that whenever he drove to Anfield to participate in a home game, he would pay tribute to his cousin and fight for him to win.


The fetters between Gerrard and the Red Army that transcended life and death may also be the reason why he is willing to stay here unimpeded in the future.


In 1998, the 18-year-old Gerrard officially completed his debut in the Liverpool first team. It was the 90th minute that the Red Army had 2-0 ahead of Blackburn in the overall game. Gerrard played as a right back. A replacement for Haigham officially debuted, kicking off the legendary career of Gerrard in the Red Army.

1998年,年仅18岁的杰拉德正式完成了他在利物浦一线队的处子秀。在比赛的第90分钟,红军以2-0领先布莱克本。杰拉德打右后卫。 Haigham的替补正式亮相,开始了Gerrard在红军中的传奇生涯。

In the following season, Gerrard was predicated by his mentor Hollier to partner with Redknapp Jr. for the midfielder. This daring young man injected new vitality into the Red Army midfielder.

在接下来的赛季中,杰拉德由导师霍利尔(Hollier)决定与小雷德纳普(Redknapp Jr.)合作担任中场。这个大胆的年轻人为红军中场注入了新的活力。

Gerrard is undoubtedly the master of the British midfielder at the time. He not only possesses the best underfoot skills among British players, but also has the sufficient physical energy to go back and forth between the two penalty areas and provide sufficient defensive strength, which allows him to play in the Red Army. His second season became the absolute main force of the team.


But on the other hand, Gerrard’s momentum also has side effects. At that time, he seemed a little bit stunned. He was often on the top in defense and was always troubled by referees. He was also one of the famous "card masters" at that time .


Therefore, coach Houlier made one of the most important decisions for Gerrard and Liverpool. In 2003, he appointed Gerrard, who was only 23 years old at the time, to replace the old captain Hypia, who is very much loved by Liverpool fans, as the Red Army. The new captain.

因此,教练胡利尔做出了杰拉德和利物浦最重要的决定之一。 2003年,他任命当时年仅23岁的杰拉德(Gerrard)取代了深受利物浦球迷喜爱的老上尉海皮亚(Hypia)担任红军。新船长。

At the beginning of his debut, Gerrard only hoped to become the captain before the age of 30. He did not expect this time to be directly seven years earlier. This was a bold decision, but it proved to be an extremely correct decision.


After becoming the captain, Gerrard is no longer the heavy soldier who only needs to charge for the team. He also needs to keep a clear mind at all times to be able to lead the entire team.


Therefore, after becoming the captain, Gerrard has obviously reduced some brainless fouls, and his playing style is also more team-oriented. At the same time, more importantly, as long as the spiritual pillar of Gerrard does not fall, the Red Army has the ability to come back at any time. Fighting spirit.


So we have seen that under the leadership of Gerrard, the Red Army has completed countless reversals, and his leadership has also been universally recognized. Since the 2010 World Cup, Gerrard has officially become the national team. And the double captain of the club.


No matter which team the fans are, Gerrard will habitually call it "the outstanding team". The captain's armband makes him more mature, and he fully interprets the meaning of captain with outstanding leadership.


As far as Gerrard is concerned, the "Istanbul miracle" of the 2005 Champions League final is always an unavoidable legendary experience.


I believe that after the repeated looping of various count-based football programs, many fans may have been highly aesthetically tired of this game. Here we might as well jump out of the details of the game, look at the game from another angle, and feel as the captain. Gerrard played an irreplaceable role in the creation of this miracle.


The reason why a miracle is a miracle lies in its non-replicability, and the non-replicability of the 2005 UEFA Champions League final lies in the fact that no matter how many times the match is replayed, the imaginable way for Liverpool to win may be just this one , Because in 2005 the strength of the two sides was not at the same level at all.


If the Red Army’s starting lineup were not professional Premier League fans, they might not even recognize half of them. Even without Inzaghi and Ambrosini in the heyday of Milan, almost all of the remaining lineups were international or even superstars. Milan The lineup of this game has been so extravagant that even the benches are famous players like Rui Costa and Thomason.

如果红军的首发阵容不是英超联赛的专业球迷,他们甚至可能认不出其中一半。即使在米兰鼎盛时期没有因扎吉和安布罗西尼,几乎所有剩余的阵容都是国际甚至超级巨星。米兰这场比赛的阵容如此奢侈,以至于替补席上都是著名的球员,如Rui Costa和Thomason。

Although there was some luck in the 3-0 dream start in the first half, this score was almost a true manifestation of the difference in strength between the two teams.


It has always been circulated that Milan had opened champagne to celebrate during the intermission. Although some parties have denied it, it is completely understandable even if it is true at the time. Even in the most professional commentary, this situation is basically Already belong


But we really can't think about this incredible game with normal thinking, because from the second half of the game, the whole game was full of miracles. One of the main creators of miracles is Steven Gerrard.

但是我们真的不能用正常的思维去思考这个令人难以置信的游戏,因为从游戏的下半场开始,整个游戏充满了奇迹。奇迹的主要创造者之一是史蒂芬·杰拉德(Steven Gerrard)。

In the 54th minute, Gerrard received a header from Riiser's cross and scored the first goal. The image of waving his hands to encourage his teammates has always been one of the most classic shots in football history. It is also regarded as the turning point of the game. The fighting spirit of the whole team also broke out. They evened the score with 3 goals in 6 minutes.


Most people remember that Gerrard not only fired the first shot of the counterattack, but also created a penalty kick, setting the stage for Alonso's equalizer goal.


But it is often overlooked that in the second half of the second half and overtime, the physical fitness of the Liverpool team has almost reached its limit, and it may not be able to support Milan's onslaught at any time.


Gerrard once again took the lead, retreating to the position of full-back under the direction of Benitez to defend Milan's substitute winger Serginho, and the red captain who returned to his old business still used his abundant physical strength and tenaciousness. The defense froze the Brazilian magic wing, and finally helped the Red Army, who was at the end of the extra time period, survived the penalty shootout, which made Dudek's "stunning dance".


Gerrard is the well-deserved MVP of this game. He created the greatest game in the history of the Champions League final.


It is also based on the outstanding performance of this UEFA Champions League that Gerrard entered the third place in the Golden Globe Awards, second only to Ronaldinho and compatriot Lampard. At the age of 25, he walked At the pinnacle of life.

正是基于这一欧洲冠军联赛的出色表现,杰拉德进入了金球奖的第三名,仅次于小罗和同胞兰帕德。 25岁那年,他走到了人生的顶峰。

In fact, Gerrard’s resume is a successful career for most players. A Champions League trophy alone is the goal that countless players can’t ask for. But for this Red Army legend, like countless Liverpool fans, he What I care most about is the trophy of the League Championship.


As a native of Merseyside, he has witnessed the end of the red dynasty since he was a child, and has also witnessed Ferguson’s Manchester United pulling them down from the throne. For the native Liverpool players of his generation, from wearing a red shirt From the very beginning, he shouldered the heavy mission of reviving this century-old shop. He has been fighting and fighting for this throughout his player career.

作为默西塞德郡(Merseyside)的原住民,他从小就亲眼目睹了红色王朝的终结,还目睹了弗格森(Ferguson)的曼联(Manchester United)将其从王位上拉下。对于他那一代的利物浦本地球员来说,从一开始就穿着红色衬衫开始,他肩负起重振这家有着百年历史的商店的重任。在他的整个职业生涯中,他一直为此而奋斗。

And destiny always seems to be teasing the iron-blooded captain. He led the team to the runner-up in three defeats in the championship, especially the slip in 2014 that made him feel heartbroken.


Only two weeks before the game, he led the team to win the 3-2 home match against the rivals Manchester City in the Tianwangshan battle. After the victory of that game, the Red Army took the initiative in the championship, as long as they don’t follow. If you make a mistake, you will win the first Premier League championship in team history.


After the victory, Gerrard couldn't hide his excitement. He gathered his teammates to cheer for them after the game and sounded the clarion call for the final charge for the championship. At that moment, he may once again sincerely feel the premonition of the championship. It's just that he didn't know that what was waiting for him in two weeks was an elegy of heroes.


Two weeks later, the Reds only needed a draw to continue to hold the standings advantage against the Blues who had been rotated substantially in order to prepare for the Champions League.


But before the end of the first half, Gerrard, who was a delayed midfielder, suddenly slipped and slipped while preparing for a long pass on the approach, and handed the ball to Dembaba in front of him.


As the last defensive player, he left Dembaba with an empty penalty area and a lonely goalkeeper. In the end, the Senegalese striker's single-handed goal almost killed the game, because Mourinho's team took the lead and it was difficult to equalize. Reach the sky.


After losing the ball, Gerrard put his hands on his head and frowned. The traces of the years made his already bitter "bun face" even more helpless and desolate. He fought for this championship for a lifetime, but was ultimately destroyed by himself. Unexpected slip and fall.


Of course, the Red Army fans cannot bear to blame the meritorious captain who has worked hard for them, but they can only lament that good luck makes people difficult.


Now that the Red Army is back on the throne, as a legend who accompanied the team through the darkest moments, of course, Gerrard will also feel relieved and excited, but the regret of slipping before the finish line and not being the captain to win the championship. Will always be a sad commentary in his career.


Perhaps today's Gerrard will also lament: Success doesn't have to be with me, but why can't it have me?


Before officially bidding farewell to Liverpool in 2015, Gerrard was the closest to a transfer in his life, not at other times, but after the miraculous victory of Istanbul.


He received invitations from Mourinho and Chelsea, Mourinho and the Blues were waiting for the champion captain to submit a transfer application, and Gerrard was indeed heartbroken.


Many people may not understand why Gerrard wants to leave a champion team, but as the captain of Liverpool, he is very aware that this champion has a lot of luck.


In fact, the Red Army League was only ranked fifth in the season. They even ranked behind their rivals Everton. According to the rules at the time, as the defending champions, they would not be able to play in the Champions League next season. After that, UEFA revised the rules to defend the title. Champions can directly qualify for next season to be able to keep their Champions League places.


Not only that, from the last round of the group stage that relied on Gerrard's lore before the end of the game to make a thrilling qualifying, to Garcia relying on the "ghost goal" to eliminate Chelsea, who was thriving at the time.


As well as the incredible miraculous equalizer in the final, it was only under a series of fate-like halos that allowed this team to reach a height that did not belong to them at the time. Such a championship process cannot be replicated again.


At the same time, the golden dollar football era that Abramovich started after taking over Chelsea greatly impacted the operating ecology of the Premier League team. At that time, the financial situation of the Red Army simply could not afford an arms race of this scale.


In addition, a transfer as the champion captain will definitely get a huge contract from the Blues that the Reds cannot provide, and Gerrard is also very eager to play for the Mourinho he admires.


But in the end, after struggling, he chose to stay behind, honor, and money. For him, these are the price that must be paid for loyalty. This price is very expensive, but he still thinks it is worth it.


On the occasion of leaving the Red Army, Gerrard was interviewed and talked about whether he had been missed the Premier League title because of his failure to transfer at the time. Gerrard said the famous and heartwarming words: "Winning honor is not important, it is important It's for whom to win honor".


This sentence may be able to interpret the mood of all the players who have given up the chance to get closer to the championship because of their loyalty to the team. If they have lost their faith and fetters, what about winning the world?


In addition to loyalty, another label on Gerrard that cannot be ignored is his "heavy gunner" attribute.


Gerrard's long-range shooting technique may not be the best, but he is undoubtedly a person who can speak for long-range shooting, because he can always turn the tide with his signature heavy shelling on key occasions and critical moments.


In addition to the aforementioned 2006 FA Cup final shot to kill the Hammers, the most famous is the final round of the 2004-05 UEFA Champions League group stage against Olympiacos, Gerrard's violent long shot before the end. The Red Army made a dangerous pass at the last moment, and only with this goal did the Istanbul miracle later.


In addition, in the 2002-03 season, the League Cup final staged the "Double Reds" game. Facing Manchester United led by the 92 Golden Generation, Gerrard blasted a blind spot outside the penalty area in the 39th minute. , Helped the Red Army break the deadlock and finally won the final championship from its arch rivals.

此外,在2002-03赛季,联赛杯决赛上演了“双红军”比赛。面对第92代黄金一代率领的曼联,杰拉德在第39分钟内在禁区外射杀了一个盲点。 ,帮助红军打破僵局,并最终从其主要竞争对手那里赢得了最后的冠军。

Gerrard is also extremely confident in his long-range shots. As long as there is an open space, he will often wave to his teammates to request. However, Gerrard rarely wins long-range shots with skill and arc. His long-range shots are very strong and fast. It is extremely fast and the angle is also very tricky, and it is often precisely banged into the dead corner of the goal, so that even if the goalkeeper judges the right direction, the body cannot keep up with the consciousness and make a timely response.


It is also because of Gerrard's outstanding long-range shooting ability that in 2008, the acclaimed show "108 Football Clubs" produced by "World Football" will symbolize the nickname of "Booming Thunder". Granted Gerrard.

也正是由于杰拉德出色的远程射击能力,2008年由“世界足球”制作的备受赞誉的节目“ 108足球俱乐部”将象征“爆炸雷声”的绰号。授予杰拉德。

However, it is precisely because Gerrard was too fond of vigorous long-range shots when he was young, which buried his groin injury, which is also one of the reasons why Gerrard suffered from groin injuries late in his career.


After leaving Liverpool to join the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2015, Gerrard officially announced that he had hung up his boots after playing in the U.S. Major League for only a year and a half. It is said that his family was eager to return to the United Kingdom because his family did not adapt to life in the United States.

在2015年离开利物浦加入洛杉矶银河之后,杰拉德(Gerrard)正式宣布,他在美国职棒大联盟(Major League)效力仅一年半后就挂了靴子。据说他的家人渴望返回英国,因为他的家人不适应美国的生活。

Perhaps out of guilt for preventing Gerrard from hanging up his boots in the Red Army at the time, and the kind invitation of coach Klopp, the Red Army immediately offered a new job for Gerrard who had just retired. He officially became the head coach of the Red Army youth team in January of the year and cultivated himself for his beloved team.


However, after only one year in this position, Gerrard was invited by the Su Chao Wanderers team and officially became the helm of this old Su Chao team that had gone through bankruptcy and reorganization in June 2018. He also became an opponent with Rogers, his former teacher and Celtic coach at the time.


As a rookie coach, Gerrard's performance is quite satisfactory. He helped the Rangers win the runner-up of the Soviet Super League for two consecutive seasons, but he still couldn't stop the Celtics' nine consecutive championships.


Maybe it’s because he was the coach of the Red Army’s youth team before. Gerrard has been committed to renting and buying young people who are unhappy in the Red Army’s youth team for the past two years. However, most of these "Little Red generals" except Kent have not been able to reach. Expected, and the reuse of young people also made it impossible to pose a sufficient threat to the Celtics' dominance in a short time.


The Red Army fans may be very much looking forward to the Jie team's eventual return to his hometown to succeed Uncle Zha, but it is too early to say. Before taking over the Red Army, at least they need to go to the English Championship or the middle and lower reaches of the Premier League team like his old opponent Lampard It takes some practice to achieve the same success as his player career. In any case, bless Jie team!


1998-2015 Liverpool


2015-2016 Los Angeles Galaxy


Club: 748 games with 191 goals


National team: 114 games with 21 goals


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