Year after year of adjustment, the Dalian people are still a relegation team. Although the big training has shown a certain future this season, the team’s foreign aid has not been ideally run-in. This is mainly reflected in the delay of captain Hamsik. The level and attitude that a Serie A legend deserves. In the past one and a half seasons, Hamsik has only 4 goals and 2 assists. This data is not even as good as that of a local player. After the first stage of the 2020 season, his state has improved slightly, but he insisted on leaving and choosing to return to Europe to participate in the UEFA Europa League. the match of.

年复一年的调整,大连人仍然是保级队伍。尽管本赛季的大型训练显示了一定的未来,但车队的外援并没有理想地磨合。这主要体现在哈姆西克上尉的推迟上。意甲传奇应有的水平和态度。在过去的一个半赛季中,哈姆西克只有4个进球和2个助攻。该数据甚至不如本地播放器的数据。在2020赛季的第一阶段之后,他的状态有所改善,但他坚持离开并选择返回欧洲参加UEFA Europa League。的比赛。

Today, as the team captain Hamsik has left the team, the Dalian native has also cancelled his registration for the Super League. In contrast, Long Dong is much more loyal. He knows that the impact of the South American epidemic is still very serious, and he did not choose to risk returning to China to participate in the World Preliminaries. Moreover, the negotiation went smoothly, which protected the interests of all parties and spared no effort to help Dalian people relegation. Taking into account Long Dong's performance of 9 goals and 3 assists in 14 games this season, his staying in the team is also a boost to the team's relegation.


Regarding the departure of captain Hamsik, reporter Jia Yanfeng said that Dalian people are not afraid of captain Hamsik leaving the team. The reporter bluntly said that Dalian people have a new organizational core Larson, and the impact of Hamsik’s departure is not significant. On the contrary, Hamsik’s lack of defensive involvement in the midfield will be resolved. The new aid Jairsson will make Dalian’s midfield more balanced and provide more protection on both offense and defense.


Another key is to release Hamsik’s large number of ball rights when he is on the team, and the space for local players to play has also been enlarged. Larsson’s core role will also be more prominent. You must know that Larsson has played in Hamsey this season Under the squeeze of his high ball rights, he still averages 1.6 key passes per game. Then if more ball rights are given to Larsson, he will give more key passes and his passing ability can be guaranteed. The offensive system in the frontcourt is worry-free, and Jailson is on the defensive end. The two have a clear division of labor, which can make the lineup smoother between the front, middle and back. It is worth mentioning that Jailson also has a good long shot. Ability, he does not need the ball, he is expected to play a greater role than Hamsik.


The arrival of Jailson also allows Benitez to make a major change in the defense line. Li Jianbin, who returns to the first team, may be reused. Together with Danielson and Jailson, he will make a triple insurance for the defense. This season, the "cancer" Dong Yanfeng, who represented the Dalian native in 9 games but the Dalian native won 9 games, will also be abandoned, and his order of appearance will be behind the two central defenders Li Jianbin and Wang Yaopeng. According to the lineup configuration of the Dalian people, the second stage of the relegation match will have a stronger overall strength, and will have a clear card advantage against Shijiazhuang Yongchang. Therefore, it is not very difficult for Dalian people to relegation.


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