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Chelsea, who spent a lot of money in the summer, failed to win the first two league rounds. Lampard's pressure can be imagined. This round against Crystal Palace, which has a good momentum in the new season, Chelsea eventually won 4-0, but the process is not like a score. It was that easy, and it was the left-back Chilwell who opened the door for Chelsea to win. He was also the best Chelsea in the game.


   Because it was an injury to join Chelsea, Chilwell did not represent Chelsea in the Premier League for the first time until today. He has appeared in the Cup before. At the beginning, Chilwell still seemed a little uncomfortable. He lost his position 5 times in the first 10 minutes. This number and the number of lost possessions ranked first in the game. In the face of difficulties, Chilwell adjusted his state in time, and the more he played, the better.


Both sides failed to score in the first half. At the beginning of the second half, the balance between the two sides was finally broken. In the 50th minute, Chelsea started a melee in the penalty area of ​​the Crystal Palace. At this time, the ball bounced to the front of the small penalty area. Elville hit the ball with a burst shot. Such a close goalkeeper Guaita had no way to stop. With the help of a defender, Chelsea finally broke the deadlock and laid the foundation for the subsequent victory.

双方上半场均未能得分。下半场开始时,双方之间的平衡终于被打破。在第50分钟,切尔西在水晶宫的禁区开始混战。这时,球反弹到小禁区的前方。 Elville射门得分。如此近距离的门将瓜伊塔没有办法停下来。在后卫的帮助下,切尔西终于打破僵局,为随后的胜利奠定了基础。

In the 16th minute, Chelsea scored again. This time Chilwell also made a great contribution. He held the ball on the left and sent a high-quality cross to accurately find Zuma in the penalty area. Zuma jumped up and headed the ball In the top, Chelsea determined the advantage of two goals. In his Chelsea Premier League debut, Chilwell completed a goal and an assist. According to statistics, Chilwell is the third player in Chelsea history who can pass a shot in his first show. The first two are Deco and Morata. What is particularly rare is that he is a left-back.


   On the defensive aspect of his job, Chilwell also performed quite well, using steals many times to resolve the Crystal Palace offense. In the whole game, Chilwell completed 11 passes, created 3 chances, and 3 interceptions. The 1-on-1 success rate reached 67%. In the best vote of the game after the game, Chilwell also led the way with absolute advantage. It is worth mentioning that today is the 100th Premier League game of Chilwell's career. Such a game is enough to make him unforgettable. In addition to the previous cups, Chilwell played for Chelsea 3 times, completing 1 goal and 2 assists.


   As Alonso and Emerson were unable to satisfy the team, Chelsea has been looking for a left-back and eventually signed Chilwell for £50 million this summer. This is a deal that has been questioned by many. Some fans believe that Chelsea should choose cheaper left-backs like Reggie Long and Tario Fico, thinking that Chilville's high value is only because he is an English player. In the first few games of the season, Chilwell was absent again due to injury. Now that he has returned, he has proved himself with performance. Chelsea need to see him more in the future.

由于阿隆索和爱开心彩票网默生无法让球队满意,切尔西一直在寻找左后卫,并最终在今年夏天以5000万英镑的价格签下了切尔韦尔。这是一个受到很多人质疑的交易。一些球迷认为切尔西应该选择像雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)和塔里奥·菲科(Tario Fico)这样的便宜左后卫,认为切尔维尔的高价值仅仅是因为他是英国人。在本赛季的前几场比赛中,奇维尔由于受伤再次缺席。现在他回来了,他已经证明了自己的表现。切尔西将来需要见更多他。

   (Fight God)


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